My Sandbar Fascination Started in 2010


The last five years have all been a blur. I’m afraid that if I don’t start writing about the memories I treasure, they’ll soon fade away.

So here I am, typing on.

I’m so happy to have retrieved this blog I started in 2012!  And to mark my return to this wee bit of online space, I decided to post this photo of Panglao Island’s sandbar—the very first sandbar I so fell in love with.

Since childhood, I’d swim in beaches that would start off shallow then be 5-feet deep 7 steps later. I don’t know about you, but that was scary for someone like me who wasn’t a strong swimmer.

Walking far into the sea in Panglao Island, more than 10 meters out to where boats were anchored, was such a thrilling experience for me—I can walk on water!

I’ve never forgotten the magic of sandbars since 2010. Whenever I sit, walk or even nap on sandbars, I feel daring to be so far from the beach and yet I still feel safe from the vicious power of the waves (more about this in the next post).

When planning a trip to the beach, I look forward to sandbars—the actual sandbank not bars along the beach, thank you very much.

I didn’t have to think twice when my good friend ES asked me for an unofficial title for the About page of a cool project he co-founded called PhilippineBeaches.Org—Sandbarista it is. 😉

Photo taken by my sister, Celine.
Location: Bagobo Beach Resort, Panglao, Bohol
Photo taken on: July 19, 2010


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