How do you survive the summer?

It’s been one scorching summer this year.

I started a new job this April and getting to our temporary office spaces require me to commute for 1.5 hours in the morning.  I got sick the first week on the job due to debilitating weather conditions at the moment.

I arrive sweaty, sunburned and with an aching head after walking, taking a jeep, hopping onto a bus, then walking again under the heat of the sun.  My UV umbrellas offer no reprieve from the strong sun rays.

I rely on certain things to help ward off heat-induced discomfort:

– fresh melon juice from Food Channel

– fresh buko (coconut) juice from Buko Joe

– ice cold water from co.lab’s electric water dispenser

– a splash of cold water on my face upon arrival at the office

– a wipe down of baby-wipes
on my arms and legs

– cold air-conditioning the whole day, phew! Thank you, fake air!

How about you, how are you coping with the sweltering heat of 2014 PH Summer?


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