I can no longer count the times someone has said to me that talking to me has helped calm them down. I consider this as a great compliment and am only glad to be of service to my dear friends and sometimes even exes.

I am absolutely unaware of where this relaxing effect is from or how it comes about, I am just sincerely, happy to have helped in a such a simple way.

Many a times, I have thought that this must probably be my role in life. The ability to pacify people has come in handy in my work life as I have always found myself in customer-facing type of work.

And almost in the same breath, I feel that deep longing—my heart’s prayer—to meet someone who can do the same for me. Someone to make me feel at home. If the universe would be so kind as to give me more than one person, that would be grand! But, I’ll be forever grateful for even just one to whom I can reveal my innermost thoughts and feelings without the fear of being rejected or judged. Most of all, I ask that that person not to be dismissive about some of my rather dark emotions.

“Everybody has a dark side,” so the song goes…

But I guess for most, we keep that side of ourselves tucked away in secret places lest we turn people off.