A Letter To Jennifer Lawrence

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It’s time someone spoke up for the real victim here. 🙂


Dear Jennifer Lawrence,

You and I don’t know each other, but I work in tech news and, as such, have read a lot of technical speculation and analysis of what happened to you and a group of other women who work in Hollywood over the long weekend.

While it is not exactly clear how your privacy was violated and your property was stolen, there is apparently an underground ring of people who spend their precious lives perpetuating these kinds of actions — “collecting” stolen, private images of both famous and non-famous women to gawk at in online backchannels.

Though I was aware through my job that this subsection of the Internet existed, I had no idea it was this orchestrated, at this scale. Quite frankly, this fact is terrifying.

Everyone has things on their phones they don’t want other people to see. Everyone.

It sucks to be a woman on…

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