Pokemon Go

Found a new weekend bonding activity with my sis–hunting Pokemons in known spawn spots in the city! So far, we’ve tried the following areas: Eastwood, Quezon Memorial Circle, Eton Centris, Mall of Asia Seaside, Ocean Park, Luneta, Quirino Grandstand, Nayong Pilipino (entrance only).

The beauty of this game, especially for kids of the 90s, is you get to live out the adventures of a Pokemon Trainer. What was once a well-loved cartoon can now be an actual weekend activity thanks to the internet, smartphones and apps.

There are currently 140 monsters available to catch and I’ve already caught or evolved 100 kinds. The last 40 are elusive ones and will take a lot of effort to hunt.

I’ve heard stories of people my age who hunt in the morning and after work. Some stay in spawn spots from 10PM – 2AM the following day just to wait for rare Pokemons. While I don’t think we’ll ever go through those lengths (or, will we?), I look forward to the many weekend hunts to come.