Hiding like a cat

I remember our eldest cat Beki, hiding inside cabinets when he wasn’t feeling good. Turns out, if we didn’t bring him to the vet that day, he would have died because his kidney was in bad shape.

Similarly, another cat of ours, Betchay, the youngest one, hid herself in between our stove and the wall when she wasn’t feeling okay. She would pass away a good 3 weeks later after battling a mysterious illness.

In a way, that’s how I am feeling at the moment. I feel like hiding like a cat. I do not want to see my mom and sis in person. I don’t want to attend family gatherings. Just until I know I am not yet better.

Should they give me reminders or reprimands, I know I must/can take it. Because they say it with the best intentions.

Nevertheless, I don’t like them seeing me weak.


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